Thursday, August 16, 2012


So. I have chronic insomnia. It is a major problem. I almost never get a good or full nights sleep and it is slowly making me crazy. I've tried the mattress, the pillows, turning off the TV before bed so I'm not too overstimulated to sleep. I've tried pills , all of which either make me violently I'll or just don't work. I feel like I've tried everything. I'm frustrated, and at the end of my rope. On top of that, I have a neck / back injury that I just can't seem to get better. Perhaps it's a symptom and cause of my insomnia. I don't know...

Meanwhile, there are two sleeping beauties sleeping like bricks next to me and one more zonked out on the futon in the guest room. Life's really just not fair. And tomorrow's going to blow.

Well this was a miserable post. Now I'm going to adjust the thermostat, again, in hopes that it will help me fall asleep. Sweet dreams!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mobile Blogging?!

Today I discovered I can download a mobile blogging app on my iPhone! Maybe I'll start blogging again! I abandoned the blog three-ish years ago, mainly because I really spend way too much time sitting at a computer as it is, taking on another hobby requiring that wretched yet necessary machine would be just too much.

So. What to blog about? Who the heck knows. Whatever I feel like I guess! And right now I feel like expressing my love for this delicious salad, and this weather! Enjoying my lunch break outside is lovely, and I'm very much not looking forward to going indoors for the afternoon. Damn work!